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CentBank Account Management

Account Management gives you power, control and flexibility

Upgrade your Online Banking experience with Account Management from CentBank. You'll get more control over your accounts plus the increased functionality and flexibility that comes with seamless QuickBooks® integration.

The power to grant customized access to your accounts
  1. Establish individual account access levels, including Bill Pay.
  2. Enjoy increased flexibility: For example, you can allow an employee to view details of one account for specific business needs and allow your accountant to view details of all accounts and make payments from a selected account.
  3. Easily manage users on our newly redesigned User Management page.

The control to manage multiple accounts
  1. Manage accounts for multiple businesses with one Online ID.
  2. Transfer funds between different business entity accounts linked to your profile.

The flexibility of seamless QuickBooks® integration
  1. Easy synchronization of your banking transactions with your accounting software.
  2. Perform all your online banking directly within QuickBooks®